Mission & Vision

Do you ever find that you…

  •   are going through the motions and not sure where you’re going or why you do what you do?
  •   would love to learn more about personal development but don’t have the time or thousands of dollars to invest in a 5-day live seminar?
  •   feel like you could or should be doing and experiencing more in life? Like something’s missing?
  •   wish you had more time to learn from the great philosophers, thought-leaders of past and present?
  •   want to feel inspired, alive and motivated to create the life you dream of?
  •   are frustrated because you don’t know what you want?
  •   find personal awareness and development interesting, but only for yogis and monks?
  •   want more peace, freedom, and courage to live in the most authentic way possible?
  •   desire to discover, know and cultivate your unique talents?

This list captures just some of the frustration, questions, confusion and curiousity I had when I first started out on this journey. Here is what my mission and vision is :

Through my blog and affiliated programs, I help busy, growth-oriented individuals, like you, to leverage my investment in tens of thousands of dollars in personal development education AND :
1) integrate personal development techniques, tips, mindset and philosophies into your daily life in bite-sized portions;
2) optimize you lives to attain their personal and authentic version of a successful and fulfilling life;
3) identify and express your unique talents and passions on a daily basis!